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Counselling & Psychotherapy


Dr Fenia

Meet Dr. Fenia

Welcome to my page! I am Fenia, a psychotherapist, supervisor and educator in the field of mental health & wellbeing. I am also known by my full name ‘Fevronia Christodoulidi’ - the latter is what you will find in my published work but when working together, you can simply call me ‘Fenia(pronounced Fe-ni-ah). I grew up in Athens, Greece and have been living and working in the UK for over 20 years. 

You are probably reading this because you are either seeking counselling support OR you are a practitioner looking for a supervisor OR you are an aspiring trainee or research student in Counselling/Psychotherapy/Psychology, seeking help with choosing a path of study or with a current doctoral research project. I am offering a variety of services which you can navigate via this site, drawing from my life journey and professional experience in this field. You can look under ‘Services’ for more information.

I work predominantly online OR from a private office situated in a central location in north-west Kent (DA12), close to London.  Working remotely (online or over the phone) gives us a unique opportunity to connect beyond the restrictions that are bound to geographical location, mobility, health or busy work/family schedules. There is a lot of evidence that this mode of working can be as effective as in-the-room contact. You can read some tips about how to prepare for online working with me by looking under the FAQ section.

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We do not try to change Life, because Life has its own rhythms. We try to live Life and finally become Life. 


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Below you can find info about the different ways we can work together online or over the phone


I am offering both short-term and long-term therapy, in English and Greek. My integrative training and experience mean that the approach we take is tailored to your specific needs and is regularly adjusted and reviewed in collaboration with you, according to your preferences and what is required in the here-and-now of your life. My style is relational and inclusive, I welcome people from all paths of life and different cultures, bringing my own insights as a migrant and someone immersed in multicultural personal and professional settings.

I work with individuals/adult clients and groups. I am not offering counselling to children or couples. 

Some issues people usually bring to therapy sessions with me are (not an exclusive list):

  • Exploring life direction, clarifying a dilemma, managing a transition or change

  • Recovering from a major life event such a loss or bereavement, a separation, an illness, a traumatic incident

  • Identifying or recovering from a difficult relationship within an intimate, family or workplace context

  • Struggling with burnout or a toxic environment at work

  • Moving or working or studying abroad, living as a global nomad, contemplating repatriation, or dealing with feelings of lack of belonging and alienation.

  • Parenting and relationship issues. This is not exclusive but i have a special interest in supporting people who are in an intimate relationship or marriage with a partner of a different culture to their own, those in an inter-racial relationship and/or raising children of dual heritage.


What to expect during sessions:

It can feel originally daunting talking to someone whom you don't know. I endeavour to sit with you in compassion,  listen to your story, ask suitable and curious questions, explore with you the meanings you attach to your life, your aspirations and goals and identify together ways towards what you wish to cultivate, adopt, or change. I am not here to judge or influence your beliefs, choices, or decisions, I will endeavour to facilitate a process where you can gain clarity and experiment with different modes of acting and being. I will invite your feedback and preferences and aim towards making myself redundant as I accompany and encourage you on navigating your own unique path.

In crisis? Please note that this is not an emergency service. If you need immediate support, you can contact your GP or go to your closest A&E or call The Samaritans on 116123 if you need a listening service now. 

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